Deepti Soni

The ‘escorts’ in the name can be very misleading. They are women who lure men from their homes for services like giving massages, dancing, shopping or even for intercourse. Though most of these services are conducted over the phone, there are actually agencies that conduct live sessions on specific dates. The ‘brides’ or the ‘masseuses’ put up a website to attract men.

They charge a very high amount and they take time to prepare and do the services. Therefore, it is best to stick to a certain agency that has a good reputation. There are other agencies which provide an online service. Though they do not have offices at homes but they employ trained and skilled people over the internet. These agencies advertise themselves as having ‘escorts’ available for pick up requests.

One can easily spot an ‘escort’ when they call them. They will always have a discreet smile on their faces. They speak in husky tones, barely audible, but their words are definitely firm. They are known to charge $100 per hour.

They sound authoritative and their presence is felt by their aura and presence. They look into the customer’s eyes and talk with confidence about the type of service that they would provide. However, these agencies do not offer group services. There is no need to inform anyone that you are going to a rendezvous. Though they are supposed to be professional, their demeanor and their body language betray their true intentions. They try to keep the rendezvous a secret as much as possible.

Some of the agencies have a list of ‘patrons’ on their website. They are willing to guide you to the right ‘escorts’ for your ‘service’. When you click on the link, a form appears which normally asks you for basic details like name, age, height, weight and so on. You have the option of choosing girls who match your details.

These escorts are mostly from Europe and the United Kingdom. They have been professionally trained to give seductive and satisfying dances to men. They know very well how to flirt with men and what works and what doesn’t. In fact, many women get regular customers solely on the recommendation of good escorts.

In case you are not in the mood for dancing, you can always opt for some other type of service that is equally rewarding. Many women take up dancing as a pastime and it has even become a profession by some. Such professional escorts are available online too.

You will feel at ease once you approach any of these professional escorts. They have agents in various places in the United States. Therefore they are ready to respond to any emergency that may arise. You should contact them and describe your needs. They will then analyze your situation and consider your needs and advise you accordingly. It is advisable to do some homework before going for an online service so that you know what to expect and know whether it suits your requirements or not.